Who I am

Hello, my name is Stephan.

Most people know me from one of these angles: high-school, community service, student of business economics at the „Kaderschmiede“ BA, then manager in an international corporation, afterwards successfully self-employed in sales and finally the foundation of my own PLC focusing on international HR consulting.

My rather crazy side: At age 24 after graduating from university I decided to travel to more than 100 countries and speak up to 10 world languages within the next 10 years.

Why did I create this page? It shall give answers to two of the most frequent questions people ask me:

How did you manage to travel to so many countries? How did you learn that many languages?

My personal experience makes me feel that by travelling the world and by learning foreign languages you can contribute to a better understanding between nations,  reduction in prejudgements and hereby making the world a better place.

I would like to share my experiences with everyone who is interested in travel and languages and would like to inspire them to follow their dreams and wishes and broaden his or her horizon.

Polyglott meets Wanderlust

Polyglott meets Wanderlust – this is understood in German as well as in English. But what is the actual meaning behind?

(A) Polyglot is somebody who speaks several foreign languages fluently. In my case those are at the moment eight languages and I am currently working on two further ones. With an appropriate curiosity, defined goals and some hard work practically everybody is able to learn new languages.

Wanderlust is an originally German word borrowed by the English languages which becomes more and more popular in the recent years comprising a meaning of desire to travel to foreign places.

Furthermore there is the so called „wanderlust gen“ named DRD4-7R (I definitely have it!) and also gen stands for today’s „wanderlust generation“ – who needs career and materialism when out there so many exciting things are ready to be discovered? „Collect memories, not things“ is one of my favourite sayings.

End of 2016 after years of intensive travel I finally broke the 100 destinations threshold which seemed to be unreachable thinking back to my situation and especially finances in my early and mid twenties. Having a clear goal in front of your eyes everybody can achieve such crazy things, even without completely leaving society for  a couple of years like in my case (Though I had that also in mind, might still come up) 😉

My top 10 advices for (world) traveling


My top 10 advices for learning (world) languages


“Aktion Straßenkinder” – my contribution for the poorest

One thing that admittedly haunts and burdens me on many of my trips is the poverty of many people, especially of that of children. I already have a sponsorship for an African child via Plan and donate to various charities. For this page I am going to donate a part of my yearly earnings at the end of the year to a German charity called “Aktion Straßenkinder e.V.” from Adelberg near Stuttgart which is my kind of adopted home as I spent the first 10 years of my life in that region.

Aktion Straßenkinder e.V.


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