First of all don’t worry: This is not about a new disease, at least not in it’s traditional sense 😉

In my introduction I already mentioned that I posses that gen. Therefore it is also part of the name of my page “Polygott meets Wanderlust GEN”:

DRD4-7R is also called the “wanderlust-gen” – around 20 % of humans supposedly have it. It’s stimulation leads to an increased level of dopamine – the neurotransmitter which inside the brain is responsible amongst others for happyness and concentration – which has a positive impact on motivation and boldness towards taking risks (according to German magazine Focus). Who carries the gen is more adventurous, risk orientated and suffers more often from wanderlust than the average citizen.

As potential remedy I recommend going out for a blow regularly (of course outside of one’s country’ borders), the consumption of travel guides as well as the visit of flight search engines 😉