India 2007 

My TV “career” on international television started rather by random. I was just standing in a souvenir shop close to the Taj Mahal in Agra when my best friend at that time Christoph dragged me out of the shop directly in front of a camera. “This is CNN, they want to interview some white foreigners”, he still could say before the interviews started. CNN at that time was looking for footage of tourists who dared to visit Taj Mahal just shortly after the bomb attacks in Agra. Thus I was able to say some nice words about the Taj Mahal and why we chose India as our travel destination, similar what my travel mates Christoph, Andy and our Japanese friend Kei already did. Despite CNN told us the time of the planned broadcast the same evening, we were not able to watch us on TV. For this reason I always ask for the business card of the reporter since that day.

Georgia 2009 

The second time was less exotic. My work those days was the market launch of BlackBerry across the EMEA region working for Alcatel-Lucent being the cooperation partner of RIM. During the press conference for the launch of BlackBerry with our customer Magticom in Georgia I could make some short statements which were then simultaneously translated and subtitled with the kind of funny alphabet characters of Georgian language and was broadcasted the same evening still. This time I was able to get hold of the recording via my customer!

Spain 2012

In my new occupation as owner of an international HR consulting company I was broadcasted live on nationwide TV some 5-6 times and featured in shorter coverages around 10 times.  Being live in front of the camera with the simultaneous questions of the reporter in front of you and of the studio guests via ear inlay (of course all of them speaking far too fast Spanish) is definitively a challenge, especially if you know that some hundred thousand Spanish people are watching you live and would certainly be amused by some mistake the “stupid” German might perform.

Germany 2013 

In the year 2013 I finally reached German TV as well. Together with a customer I was able to give some statements in the roughly 1,5 minutes overage of “Hamburg-Journal” on NDR in the north of Germany.

One year later I was featured in a whole reportage with a total of almost 10 days of filming in Spain and in Palatinate together with a customer and his Spanish employee who was recruited by my company. After the filming I was sure that I won’t become an actor at least not within this life! Every tiny piece had to be performed a over and over again until the film maker was happy and in the end she puzzled all  statements and scenes together in a way which fulfilled her cliche which the viewers later could perfectly get upset about. In our case it was the negative stereotype of the bad entrepreneur which German press usually likes to generate, while in the end my customer was displayed far worse than the part of myself and my company.

Croatia 2016 

It seemed as obviously my Spanish TV adventures were not enough, therefore I made an appearance in a short spot on “Dubrovnik TV” in Croatia. Because my language school was celebrating an anniversary a camera crew from local TV came over and I was kind of forced to speak some sentences of Croatian language (mixed with some Russian) after just one week of class. But in the end it was totally worth it!

Next country? 

I am really curious in which country I am going to be interviewed the next time to put in my oar…

You can check out some selected video clips here