Vilfredo Federico Pareto (born as Wilfried Fritz Pareto, sounds less sexy) was an Italian born 1848, who discovered that usually 80 % of a result is determined by only 20 % effort, whereas the remaining 20 % require 80 % more effort to be accomplished – cheers to all perfectionists 😉

Unfortunately I also once considered myself to the latter category not minding neither time nor effort to reach 100 % in everything I did. Especially in today’s business world a practically impossible thing.  Therefore I can only recommend everybody to identify the 20 % that determine the largest part of the result as quickly as possible.

This whole rule can be applied to many different areas by the way, in my personal view if is rather an attitude.


And now wish you lots of fun while reflecting and optimizing!


P.S.: Paretos’ beard style is obviously also en vogue again nowadays…