Who else has been trough this kind of situation as well?

You are rapidly sneaking through the area after baggage claim, because too many fake taxi drivers and tour operators are hovering around there and thus the only thing you want it to step outside the building as soon as possible.

Finally arrived you jump into the next available taxi (in case it’s a cheap country) or in a bus, maybe there even is a airport express. But unfortunately you don’t have any local currency on you,which leads to one of those two scenarios. The taxi driver is happy to take take your Euros or Dollars, but is going to give you an exchange rate which is up to 20 % worse than the current rate. “I am not a bank”, this statement of a driver in Prague many years ago is remaining within my ear until today. When using bus or train you might even be able to pay by card. Within Europe this is not an issue using the Mastro functionality, but outside usually only credit cards are accepted. My own cards work with a surcharge of 1,5 % which in the long run makes kind of a large sum to loose. Furthermore I don’t really like using my credit cards abroad, as I already experience several strange charges which in the end were fraud.

Same goes for withdrawing money via credit card, which at least for me also has been kind of a taboo because the typical charge is 4-5 %. Withdrawing via Maestro card usually is charged with a one-time fee of 5 €.  As you never know how much cash exactly you need, there might be several withdrawals necessary within one country. I experienced most annoyance in those countries, where you once has to pay the airport fee in cash when I already spent my last cash on the taxi ride.

As you are clever you also did not get any foreign currency at home, as you are good at match and have not become a victim of the cutthroat exchange rates of your local banks. I don’t want to give bad reference on all banks, but regarding purchase and even worse repurchase of foreign currency they all are going to rip you off. My calculations conclude a 10-15 % difference in comparison with the original exchange rate when withdrawing money at an ATM abroad. if you want to exchange your cash at your airport of origin or the the destination airport or in a local bureau de change you either also get a bad rate or you have to pay commission.

By random in 2006 my mother who is a financial adviser recommended me to open an account with DKB, which all of our family is using ever since that time. I also recommend this bank here because in my opinion there is no other German bank (I am quite loyal) within Germany which has a better offer. You receive a VISA card free or charge which enables you to withdraw money WITHOUT ANY FEE worldwide (of course also in Germany) at each ATM, no matter what bank at the current official exchange rate. the offer also includes an account with included EC card (Maestro) also for free. This is absolutely not common anymore nowadays!

In case you also would like avoid any charges for money withdraw and save all of your hardly earned travel money you can check out the offer of DKB in details and if you like it open a bank account there right away.